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About Us

YANGIN Family, They started to commercial activities in 1950, and began with 6 machines in the sock sector in 1996.

   Mr.Ali YANGIN , son of a father involved in the trade of yarn, he has made the transition to the manufacturing sock sector from the spinning sector with 6 socks machine in 1996.

When company started with 6 machine and 5-6 staff in the industry, today,75 computerized  sock machines and fashion hosiery industry with more than 50 staff followed the internal market is taking strong steps as a company.

The Company, under the umbrella of the trademark Ayça and Escort, is producing 20 thousand pairs of socks items per day.

Today, Ayça textile branding has made important progress, it has become a powerful organization represented in 81 provinces.

The Company realized the shortcomings in the sector, after a short period of time from the establishment, investment in new machinery and making socks among special firms in Turkey with successful marketing strategy illustrates.

Quality-oriented production and customer satisfaction, 1.and 2. approach to generation, with management team and innovative sense in the best way to represent our country in the foreign market aims

Production facilities in Kayseri;

*2.880.000 dual (240.000 dozen) Man’s socks..

*1.560.000 dual(130.000 dozen) Women’s. socks

*960.000 dual (over 80,000 dozen) children's socks are manufactured